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MIDLIN Technologies is an emerging Value Added Partner & a specialist IT Security Organization, we are a part of Al Asar Moqawel Group,  

Headquartered in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia.


MIDLIN Technologies operates as an experts in Information Technology domain, focusing in future Technologies like Cloud, Big Data, BYOD , Advance Networking, Information Security & Analytics, Datacenters, Network Infrastructures, Storage & Backups followed with Professional Services.  

MIDLIN Technologies is Innovative and professional in its approach, it always partners best-in-class products and services, to identify and solve security threats and issues for its valued clients.  Today’s security threats tend to be more subtle and severe than those that appeared in the past. 

MIDLIN Technologies constantly monitors these developments, and introduces new technologies and expertise on an on going basis, to ensure that its clients are prepared and can always maintain the required levels of defense.  

MIDLIN Technologies teams use proven methodology to work with clients, to understand the risks to their business, and to facilitate the implementation of the best possible solutions.   

Our goal at MIDLIN Technologies is to help our customers to increase there company’s IT security and develop there competitiveness, efficiency, productivity, profitability and prosperity. to provide a best of breed level of service, and total customer satisfaction, which will lead to a mutually beneficial partnership that will last many years.  

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