Security | Cloud | Virtualization


A Holistic Approach

We recognize that security is just one of the components of a Unified Governance Strategy, along with other important components like compliance, policy, risk management, business continuity and best practices. 

Virtualization/VDI Services

With our in-depth knowledge and expertise in Virtualization technologies we approach every client's IT infrastructure from scratch with a step-by-step plan. Our first step is to objectively assess the environment and deploy the most optimal solution that fits your particular environment. Our approach is a holistic one that supports the entire virtualization technology life-cycle including consulting, planning, assessments, design, implementation, management and support.


The assessment session will help our team gain valuable insight into your IT environment following which we will be able to evaluate how best to help you adopt virtualisation/VDI The phase will involve a comparison of your current environment with your intended IT environment, keeping in mind your business and technical objectives. The assessment will also include operations costs for provisioning and administration and Investment costs for software licensing, design, plan, deployment and management, infrastructure costs for servers, storage and networking.

Design and Architecture

Following the assessment phase our team will custom-design end-to-end virtualisation solution tailor made to fit your business requirement. To ensure a successful architecture we provide a detailed project plan and timeline which will outline the specific server virtualization.


Our infrastructure deployment team will transform the design and architecture to custom meet your business benefits. This phase involves meticulous work with the client to efficiently test, validate, configure, implement and integrate the new infrastructure, conduct knowledge transfer, execute rollout plan and support client system administrators in post rollout phase.

Management and Support

With our qualified team Midlin promises a superior level of customized operational support that will provide valuable resources for managing and maintaining of your new virtual environment. 

The Functionality IT Needs

  • Data Protection: Keep sensitive data encrypted and controlled by default, reducing the risk of a breach or loss of intellectual property.
  • Persistent Control: Prohibit unauthorized content copy, edit, print, download or forward. Apply custom, administrative watermarks. Expire access systematically after a project deadline or dynamically when a user leaves the organization.
  • Security: Implement enterprise-level security, including mobile passcode, jailbreak detection, remote document wipe, full tracking, always-on AES-256 encryption (in transit, in use, at rest) and advanced key management (optional HSM).
  • Visibility: Gain visibility into how users are accessing sensitive data and what they do with it, maintaining an audit trail.
  • Flexible Deployment Options: Choose to deploy a Solution in the cloud or on premise.
  • Integration: Seamlessly integrate with enterprise systems, including Outlook, SharePoint, custom web portals, proprietary applications and other content repositories.