Information Security

MIDLIN believes in building security for tomorrow’s threats, today. With this purpose in mind we have assembled some of the best Security Technologies to protect your organization from ever changing threats. We have selected them based on our rigorous selection process and key principals in information security. 

As today’s security threats become more subtle and severe, you can rely on MIDLIN expertise and leading-edge technologies that can be deployed to meet not only the security but also the compliance needs of most types of organization.


Every organization has to be connected to the Internet if it is to compete successfully in the business world of today. There must be no doubt whatsoever that this gives organizations of every type significant challenges as the virus writers and hackers of yesterday are forever finding new methods of mounting very effective Internet-borne attacks. The threat from outside the organization is only part of the problem. Information assets are also under threat from within and some say as much as 75% of the problem is as a direct result of attacks mounted by so-called trusted employees.

The challenge is no longer just a perimeter security issue but one that goes to the heart of where data is kept and how that data is made available to those who need it in order to conduct legitimate business. Loss of intellectual property from a database of customers to confidential or secret designs and plans is a massive issue for all organizations who do not take the right steps to secure this data. Furthermore, organizations today are faced with many statutory legislation and compliance standards that require policies to be put in place to ensure that risks are mitigated as effectively as possible.

The MIDLIN portfolio addresses enterprise IT challenges in the following areas: Security, Networking and Infrastructure.

 The Internet of Things (IoT) and Machine to Machine (M2M) technology will increase productivity in ways not seen since the Industrial and Digital Revolutions, but at what cost? As everyday objects connect to the network, IT teams struggle to manage assets and attack vectors previously outside their purview including thermostats, lighting, refrigeration units - the list is endless. 


Our key principals in Information Security are:

  • Reduce Attack surface – Continuously
  • Prepare for the disaster in the absence of disaster
  • Provide access only when needed
  • Protect and track data wherever it goes
  • You cannot protect what you cannot see
  • Ability to detect incidents early is the hallmark of good security organization
  • Every change internal or external environment makes your security controls ineffective, constantly review and enhance them
  • Information Security is right mix of Technology, Process and People
  • Threats are always advanced, how advanced is your security control?
  • Today’s data centers are borderless, is your security?